Team Members

Principal Investigator

Image of Dr. Rozita Dara
Dr. Rozita Dara

Dr. Dara is the Principal Investigator of Data Management and Data Governance research program at the University of Guelph. Her research focuses on Big Data analytics, data mining, and data governance with a particular focus on applications such as privacy enhancing technologies, social intelligence, and precision agriculture. Dr. Dara has successfully obtained funding from government and industry.

She is a Member of the IEEE Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems. Dr. Dara has mentored over 40 highly qualified personnel. Prior to joining the University of Guelph, Dr. Dara has worked in industry (BlackBerry) and government (Office of Information and Privacy Commissioners/Ontario). During this period, she led research projects in the area of Mobile Health, in collaboration with University Health Network and Hospital for Sick Children. Also, in collaboration with the Identity, Privacy and Security Institute, University of Toronto, she led projects on building autonomous artificial intelligence algorithms with the aim of managing and protecting data in the Internet of Things.

Current Research Members

Image of JingJing Wang
Jingjing Wang

I am currently working with Food Science Department on building a taxonomy for foodborne diseases. My research interest is in data mining. I got my bachelor degree in Software Engineering from Dalian Neusoft institution and master's degree in Software Engineering from Peking University in China. In the past, I worked for IBM and other 2 startup companies as a software developer.

Image of Akshay Chadha
Akshay Chadha

Prior to joining PhD program at University of Guelph, I have completed my master's in Computer Science from NSIT, University of Delhi, India. I have also worked at an e-commerce organization. Currently, I am conducting research on Genomic Analysis under the supervision of Dr. Rozita Dara and Dr. Zvonimir Poljak. My research is primarily focused on mining the relationships between genetics and clinical expression of various diseases in swine.

Image of Samira Yousefi
Samira Yousefi

My name is Samira Yousefi. I was born in Iran and moved to Canada in the May 2016. I graduated with a bachelor of Information Technology Engineering degree from the Isfahan University of Technology in 2011. Then I got my master degree in Information Technology Engineering from the University of Qom. After graduating I worked full time for one of the computer companies in Iran, as an application programmer, for 3 years. I left that job after getting admission in University of Guelph PhD in Computer Science program. Currently, I am doing my research in the area of data science in health under the supervision of Dr. Dara.

Image of Jasmin Kaur
Jasmine Kaur

My name is Jasmin Kaur. I was born and raised in India. I completed my Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering from Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Punjab, India. I did internship in my under-graduation in web development. I came to Canada in September 2016. I am currently pursuing MSc. in Computer Science at University of Guelph. I am doing my research in the area of privacy under the guidance of Dr. Dara. My research work includes helping users find relevant information in the privacy policies by using ontology.

Toluwalope Ajayi (Research Assistant)

Artificial Intelligence to assist Data Governance in Blockchain (i.e. Smart Contract, Adaptive Software, and Identity Management).

Alexander Olpin (MSc)

Use of Deep Learning Algorithms in Smart Crop Production.

Sijie Chen (MSc)

Topic Coverage Analysis of Legal Privacy Documents.

Past Research Members

Image of Tarfa Yaseen Hamed
Tarfa Yaseen Hamed (PhD)

A Novel Feature Selection Method for Intrusion Detection.

Image of Niharika Guntamukkala
Niharika Guntamukkala (MSc)

A Novel Automated Approach to Evaluate the Transparency of Privacy Policies.

Image of Dhiren Audich
Dhiren Audich (MSc)

Automating Analysis Of Privacy Policies Through Ontologies.

Image of Cristiane Mesquita
Cristiane Mesquita (Postdoctoral Fellow)

Best Practices of Data Governance in Smart Livestock Farming.